It's week 18, and I'm soaking wet with anticipation... Let's just get to it, kids.

1.) Introduction and explanation of why my shit was down for a few days last week (and I blame Pilot).

2.) QUICK LAUGHS (these laughs are crazeballs... and sometimes stupid)


3.) Part two of the Radio Melodrama PODCATS!

4.) Lies about my Boner (Aka Fallacies about my Phallus!) *Featuring jokes co-written by staff writer BORIS REVECHKIS!


5.) BAD ASS OF THE WEEK:  Noel Gallagher


6.) There's a guest in the bathroom:  JUSTIN FIELDING.  The writer/director of INVENTORY THE MOVIE (twitter: @inventormovie)

7.)Then I blow kisses and bid you adieu!  (also, follow Ben - my bandmate - on Twitter... @wickedhahd)

You can't kiss the lipless and you can't fake a sneeze, not on my watch.  Love you guys! Don't forget to contact me so I don't feel so alone! Email me, BUY THE NEW ZIPPER RECORD, fax me (206-888-6787), twitter at me, check out the blog and  subscribe on itunes!

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